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4 years ago0.300 SBD and 0.838 STEEM POWER for steem-gallery/salome-with-the-head-of-john-the-baptist-carlo-dolci
4 years ago5.737 SBD and 15.866 STEEM POWER for steem-gallery/the-oasis-gustave-guillaumet
4 years ago5.930 SBD and 16.401 STEEM POWER for steem-gallery/three-princesses-of-the-underground-viktor-mikhailovich-vasnetsov
4 years ago5.742 SBD and 15.882 STEEM POWER for steem-gallery/zarzecze-jan-nepomucen-glowacki
4 years ago8.532 SBD and 23.598 STEEM POWER for steem-gallery/la-servante-jules-joseph-lefebvre
4 years ago3.537 SBD and 9.785 STEEM POWER for steem-gallery/inner-view-of-the-church-of-saint-sulpice-daniel-de-blieck
4 years ago14.018 SBD and 38.772 STEEM POWER for steem-gallery/the-perfume-makers-rudolf-ernst
4 years ago8.217 SBD and 22.727 STEEM POWER for steem-gallery/view-from-the-amalfi-coast-in-italy-carl-frederik-aagaard
4 years ago8.129 SBD and 22.485 STEEM POWER for steem-gallery/maternal-affection-hugues-merle
4 years ago13.755 SBD and 38.325 STEEM POWER for steem-gallery/the-young-rag-seller-guillaume-charles-brun