Steemit, Inc. Mission, Vision and Values


Make great communities with financial inclusion.


Our vision is that is a vibrant communities web app, expanding the boundaries of community coordination and online discussion by incorporating cryptocurrency as incentives. The company focuses on sustainability and decentralization by lowering running costs and increasing revenues, while increasing stickiness by providing better homepage and community tools, and is always demanding a secure and safe, client-side signing experience.



Cryptocurrency adoption

Cryptocurrency adoption means advancing tools that contribute to the consumers’ ability to be aware of, use, hold and appreciate cryptocurrency for its benefits, such as sovereign value store and peer-to-peer payments.


Sustainability means building real business from by way of advertisements and programatically selling cryptocurrency assets that Steemit, Inc. holds. Steemit, Inc., for instance, has held lots of STEEM since 2016. The company could have sold all of it over the past several years, and instead continues to hold and only sell programmatically, because we value the potential of Steem. Advertising is also an important part of our business for aligning with all its participants, such as bloggers, content consumers, community builders and our company’s shareholders, who all benefit from increased stickiness and usage of Both of these revenue sources–capital gains from currency sales and advertising revenue–are valuable to our sustainability.


Health means aligning our organization leaders, including employees and contractors, to contribute in ways that advance our organization, which means taking care of their well being in return for their commitment to our mission, vision and values.


Safety means introducing changes slowly and predictably with much testing. We greatly prefer to move carefully and not break things, especially when those things are near’s wallet functionality or when proposing Steem hardforking upgrades, rather than move fast while introducing breaking changes.


Security means providing tools to our users of that mitigate risk when it comes to cryptocurrency interactions. This principle has led us to preferred use of client-side signing for cryptocurrency use on, which means all transactions are pushed by the user while Steemit, Inc. never has access to, nor sees the user’s private keys; this keeps the risk of cryptocurrency manageable for the user because they can be assured they are the only person responsible for their private key usage. Security also comes from open-sourcing most of our software. By open-sourcing, we’ve found community engagement occurs to help audit and review the published tools. Sometimes bugs and pitfalls are discovered this way. Beyond that, we publish our open-source software with an MIT license, which means others can build from it freely and can then advance the ecosystem in parallel.



We strive to make great for communities and financial inclusion. This includes focusing on the following:

  • Lower operating costs for sustainability and decentralization
  • Increasing advertisements revenue
  • Bite-size, visible changes, which includes increasing homepage functionality, such as the following:
    • Updates Log
      • Publish our development-recaps and updates-focused content via Update Log
        • Communication of Steem developments
        • Communication of developments
        • Communication of Steemit, Inc. developments
        • Communication of Steem Dapps / Ecosystem developments
      • Notify media outlets of additions to the Updates Log
  • Implementing Communities functionality

What do our Mission, Vision and Values mean for our Steem development?

  • We strive to make Steem great for online communities and financial inclusion. This includes focusing on the following items:
    • Lowering costs for decentralization
      • Such as with RocksDB enhancements
      • Lower costs of running full (economic) nodes
      • Lower costs of running by lowering costs of hive nodes or new social plugins architecture
    • Propose hardforking upgrades for increasing beneficial functionality
      • Tokens (SMTs)
      • Tokens with vote-able emissions
      • Additional token functions
    • Providing support
      • Exchange support

This is our principled focus for achieving success. Anything we haven’t included in here, and there are plenty, because opportunities are so bountiful in this space, is not a focus for us. We encourage you to contribute and seek opportunities by picking up anything we aren’t covering, particularly if it contributes to STEEM and cryptocurrency adoption.



Steemit Inc. (The “Company”), is a private company that helps develop the open-source software that powers, including steemd. The Company may own various digital assets, including, without limitation, quantities of cryptocurrencies such as STEEM. These assets are the sole property of the Company. Further, the Company’s mission, vision, goals, statements, actions, and core values do not constitute a contract, commitment, obligation, or other duty to any person, company or cryptocurrency network user and are subject to change at any time.