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3 years agoReceived 0.003 STEEM from crypto.piotrRegarding the latest information and development of Steemauto. Old SteemAuto is already being switched off. Today, I would like to introduce you to new version of SteemAuto launched by one of most reputable witness. You can find it here: . I've helped testing it and it's WORKING GREAT so far (In case if you would have any questions, consider joining their discord channel: )
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4 years agoReceived 0.002 STEEM from crypto.piotrDear @dolov, I hope you don't mind this little memo. I'm writting to you simply because ... I would like to share with you an AMAZING NEWS. Since HF23 had happened, we've all been struggling and one of challenges we had to face was SHUTTING DOWN services provided by Steemauto. Thanks to amazing work of @steem-supporter, re-created steemauto is already up and running. With basic utility as autoupvoter and curation trail working just fine. I hope you will find this info useful. Yours, Piotr // Link:
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