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16 days agoReceived 0.011 STEEM from project.hopeGood afternoon @abh12345, I hope you don't mind this little memo. I won't take much of your time. The reason why I'm contacting you is to promote our recent initiative. Our project.hope created our own curation trail on STEEM blokchcain, which benefits those who follow. Simply because it is always being triggered before large upvote from our account is being placed (currently >200k SP). This allows all who participate to enjoy solid curation rewards. Already 120 users trusted us and I figured that you may find our CURATION TRAIL also interesting and worth following. You may find more details on post published by our community member: https://steemit.com/projecthope/@coach.piotr/new-steemauto-to-auto-steemdb-online-and-our-project-hope-curation-trail
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