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last year0.557 SBD and 2.773 STEEM POWER for abh12345/yeppp
last year0.017 SBD and 0.086 STEEM POWER for abh12345/re-steemcleaners-qbhzlr
last year0.022 SBD and 0.108 STEEM POWER for abh12345/re-hiddenblade-qbgven
last year0.021 SBD and 0.106 STEEM POWER for abh12345/re-hiddenblade-qbgkz3
last year0.014 SBD and 0.075 STEEM POWER for abh12345/qb9gak
2 years ago0.050 SBD and 0.253 STEEM POWER for abh12345/re-tarazkp-qau3ow
2 years ago1.572 SBD and 7.956 STEEM POWER for abh12345/remain-calm-and-everything-will-be-fine
2 years ago0.010 SBD and 0.056 STEEM POWER for abh12345/qaq1l1