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16 days ago0.076 SBD and 0.379 STEEM POWER for zmx/happymod-20200609t034315338z
16 days ago0.113 SBD and 0.561 STEEM POWER for zmx/firefox-20200609t033029246z
20 days ago0.133 SBD and 0.598 STEEM POWER for zmx/ventoyu-20200605t012703650z
24 days ago0.218 SBD and 1.049 STEEM POWER for zmx/6-20200601t021442753z
25 days ago0.110 SBD and 0.533 STEEM POWER for zmx/12000-300
last month0.090 SBD and 0.430 STEEM POWER for zmx/everything-20200524t034725653z
last month0.041 SBD and 0.191 STEEM POWER for zmx/wherein-1589721451509
last month0.109 SBD and 0.506 STEEM POWER for zmx/20200517t130335171z
last month0.103 SBD and 0.568 STEEM POWER for zmx/wherein-1589383734438
last month0.092 SBD and 0.525 STEEM POWER for zmx/trafficmonitor-20200512t034358069z