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3 years ago0.268 SBD and 1.294 STEEM POWER for zeemal/aquapal-the-smart-and-simple-way-to-prevent-water-damage-and-save-money
3 years ago0.442 SBD and 2.087 STEEM POWER for zeemal/spycurtains-privacy-kit-based-on-sonicjam-technology
3 years ago0.349 SBD and 1.636 STEEM POWER for zeemal/buddyz-video-sharing-app-allows-users-to-create-and-share-videos
3 years ago0.320 SBD and 1.475 STEEM POWER for zeemal/smartmi-the-modern-air-purifier-as-your-true-personal-air-guardian
3 years ago0.298 SBD and 1.500 STEEM POWER for zeemal/piel-programmable-plush-robot
3 years ago0.377 SBD and 1.930 STEEM POWER for zeemal/conn-desk-online-company-catalog-and-automated-business-helper
3 years ago0.543 SBD and 2.888 STEEM POWER for zeemal/dna-uvc-convert-your-phone-into-a-sanitization-powerhouse
3 years ago0.200 SBD and 1.047 STEEM POWER for zeemal/healmen-a-platform-that-cares-about-your-health-management
3 years ago0.540 SBD and 2.903 STEEM POWER for zeemal/carevision-emotionally-intelligent-home-camera
3 years ago0.047 SBD and 0.255 STEEM POWER for zeemal/re-aegeus-bond-sanitizer-the-only-one-touch-wearable-gel-sanitizer-20200722t135156086z