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last month0.039 SBD and 0.064 STEEM POWER for zami2/achievement-5-task-3-by-zami2-review-of-steemyy-com
last month0.026 SBD and 0.045 STEEM POWER for zami2/achievement-5-task-2-review-steemscan-com-by-zami2
last month1.508 SBD and 2.479 STEEM POWER for zami2/my-story-50-payout-to-steem-ghana
last month0.594 SBD and 0.976 STEEM POWER for zami2/achievement-5-task1-review-of-steemworld-org-by-zami2
2 months ago1.718 SBD and 2.483 STEEM POWER for zami2/life-of-an-hostel-boy-50-payout-to-campusconnectng