“Life is only a flicker of melted ice.” ― Dejan Stojanovic

Frozen Ice Joined September 2021

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last year0.453 SBD and 1.035 STEEM POWER for wintry/top-5-cryptocurrency-price-update-on-today-22th-april-2022
last year0.432 SBD and 1.059 STEEM POWER for wintry/top-5-cryptocurrency-price-update-on-today-21th-april-2022
last year0.459 SBD and 1.127 STEEM POWER for wintry/4k23ez-top-5-cryptocurrency-price-update-on-today-19th-april-2022
last year0.478 SBD and 1.137 STEEM POWER for wintry/top-5-cryptocurrency-price-update-on-today-19th-april-2022
last year0.496 SBD and 1.115 STEEM POWER for wintry/top-5-cryptocurrency-price-update-on-today-18th-april-2022
last year0.559 SBD and 1.237 STEEM POWER for wintry/top-5-cryptocurrency-price-update-on-today-17th-april-2022
last year0.543 SBD and 1.202 STEEM POWER for wintry/top-5-cryptocurrency-price-update-on-today-16th-april-2022
last year0.402 SBD and 1.202 STEEM POWER for wintry/top-5-cryptocurrency-price-update-on-today-15th-april-2022
last year0.375 SBD and 1.155 STEEM POWER for wintry/top-5-cryptocurrency-price-update-on-today-14th-april-2022
last year0.380 SBD and 1.178 STEEM POWER for wintry/top-5-cryptocurrency-price-update-on-today-13th-april-2022