William Syrus

Painter, Explorer, Day dreamer.

West coast United States Joined June 2017

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2 years ago0.292 SBD and 0.674 STEEM POWER for william-syrus/got-convinced-to-make-an-nft
2 years ago1.250 SBD and 2.310 STEEM POWER for william-syrus/quest
2 years ago0.139 SBD and 0.163 STEEM POWER for william-syrus/desolation-homestead-under-the-stables-and-under-the-fields
3 years ago8.566 SBD and 12.783 STEEM POWER for william-syrus/the-eyes-of-nature-in-the-pond-and-in-the-garden
3 years ago5.883 SBD and 14.314 STEEM POWER for william-syrus/doric-order
3 years ago1.352 SBD and 9.299 STEEM POWER for william-syrus/a-dark-period-my-psychotic-break-pt-1
3 years ago1.276 SBD and 8.061 STEEM POWER for william-syrus/hello-again
4 years ago0.222 SBD, 5.078 STEEM and 6.794 STEEM POWER for william-syrus/prototypes-a-tale-of-wire-and-srring