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2 years ago0.341 SBD and 0.295 STEEM POWER for wiedy/re-ew-and-patterns-steem-update-02-10-17-20171002t182006743z
2 years ago0.418 SBD and 0.361 STEEM POWER for wiedy/re-ew-and-patterns-steem-is-doing-the-retest-right-now-decision-time-20170930t090615717z
2 years ago0.445 SBD and 0.384 STEEM POWER for wiedy/re-ew-and-patterns-forget-my-last-steem-update-for-now-i-think-it-has-begun-20170930t090526843z
2 years ago0.012 SBD and 0.012 STEEM POWER for wiedy/re-stephenkendal-qwark-from-triggering-the-dmamapping-buy-alert-qwark-has-seen-a-growth-of-no-less-than-x-4-44-to-the-current-price-of-usd0-25264-20170813t141417123z
2 years ago2.251 SBD and 2.070 STEEM POWER for wiedy/steem-mooning-at-1-67-usd