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10 days ago0.005 SBD and 0.009 STEEM POWER for wenchebakken/actifit-wenchebakken-20211011t014057580z
11 days ago0.075 SBD and 0.125 STEEM POWER for wenchebakken/actifit-wenchebakken-20211010t024334923z
17 days ago0.089 SBD and 0.145 STEEM POWER for wenchebakken/actifit-wenchebakken-20211004t021922905z
18 days ago0.043 SBD and 0.070 STEEM POWER for wenchebakken/actifit-wenchebakken-20211003t032604596z
24 days ago0.099 SBD and 0.194 STEEM POWER for wenchebakken/actifit-wenchebakken-20210927t023408231z
last month0.034 SBD and 0.069 STEEM POWER for wenchebakken/actifit-wenchebakken-20210919t024129460z
last month0.083 SBD and 0.135 STEEM POWER for wenchebakken/actifit-wenchebakken-20210914t021230101z
last month0.043 SBD and 0.070 STEEM POWER for wenchebakken/actifit-wenchebakken-20210913t015422234z
last month0.127 SBD and 0.207 STEEM POWER for wenchebakken/actifit-wenchebakken-20210907t024055129z
last month0.044 SBD and 0.071 STEEM POWER for wenchebakken/actifit-wenchebakken-20210906t030620178z