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yesterday1.269 SBD and 2.174 STEEM POWER for villageman/memories-of-some-loving-people
2 days ago1.324 SBD and 2.202 STEEM POWER for villageman/chittagong-city
3 days ago1.242 SBD and 2.066 STEEM POWER for villageman/blue-sky
4 days ago1.287 SBD and 2.125 STEEM POWER for villageman/sacrificed-yourself-for-others
5 days ago1.389 SBD and 2.286 STEEM POWER for villageman/leaves-photography
6 days ago1.385 SBD and 2.256 STEEM POWER for villageman/sacrificed-yourself
8 days ago1.419 SBD and 2.277 STEEM POWER for villageman/this-image-may-or-may-not-impress-many-viewers
9 days ago1.473 SBD and 2.349 STEEM POWER for villageman/the-village-horizon
10 days ago1.448 SBD and 2.330 STEEM POWER for villageman/flower-of-our-garden
11 days ago1.338 SBD and 2.365 STEEM POWER for villageman/walking