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2 years ago0.004 SBD and 0.006 STEEM POWER for tykee/don-t-let-a-fact-that-could-change-bring-you-down
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2 years ago0.124 SBD and 0.119 STEEM POWER for tykee/lesson-from-the-ancient-greek-count-no-man-happy-until-the-end-is-known
2 years ago0.046 SBD and 0.038 STEEM POWER for tykee/the-zen-concept-shoshin-will-open-your-mind-to-new-things
2 years ago1.489 SBD and 1.577 STEEM POWER for tykee/a-change-after-a-better-life-think-of-usd20-million-in-your-wallet
2 years ago0.006 SBD and 0.007 STEEM POWER for tykee/movie-review-hard-kill-2020
2 years ago2.595 SBD and 2.720 STEEM POWER for tykee/caged-in-habit-uncage-yourself
2 years ago2.703 SBD and 2.475 STEEM POWER for tykee/the-result-is-not-the-reward-it-is-the-fight-and-struggle
2 years ago1.438 SBD and 1.453 STEEM POWER for tykee/set-goals-but-focus-on-the-conduct