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last year0.936 SBD and 2.299 STEEM POWER for trufflepig/weekly-truffle-updates-2021-50
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last year0.419 SBD and 0.701 STEEM POWER for trufflepig/daily-truffle-picks-2021-10-29
last year1.645 SBD and 2.777 STEEM POWER for trufflepig/non-bot-trending-2021-10-28
last year0.396 SBD and 0.671 STEEM POWER for trufflepig/daily-truffle-picks-2021-10-28
last year0.362 SBD and 0.646 STEEM POWER for trufflepig/non-bot-trending-2021-10-25
last year0.384 SBD and 0.687 STEEM POWER for trufflepig/daily-truffle-picks-2021-10-25
last year0.400 SBD and 0.715 STEEM POWER for trufflepig/weekly-truffle-updates-2021-43
last year0.388 SBD and 0.698 STEEM POWER for trufflepig/non-bot-trending-2021-10-20