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5 months ago5.782 SBD and 18.888 STEEM POWER for travelingsomm/okanagan-road-trip
5 months ago6.061 SBD and 17.994 STEEM POWER for travelingsomm/taste-taste-taste
5 months ago6.256 SBD and 18.465 STEEM POWER for travelingsomm/back-at-it
last year11.177 SBD and 13.871 STEEM POWER for travelingsomm/backend-alpha-kw-33-appics-im-2808
last year6.823 SBD and 8.280 STEEM POWER for travelingsomm/backend-alpha-kw-33-appics-im-2637
last year13.005 SBD and 15.108 STEEM POWER for travelingsomm/backend-alpha-kw-33-appics-im-2444
last year13.687 SBD and 15.867 STEEM POWER for travelingsomm/backend-alpha-kw-33-appics-im-2367
last year0.000 SBD, 15.539 STEEM and 15.945 STEEM POWER for travelingsomm/backend-alpha-kw-33-appics-im-2260
last year0.000 SBD, 13.755 STEEM and 14.122 STEEM POWER for travelingsomm/backend-alpha-kw-33-appics-im-1800
last year0.000 SBD, 11.207 STEEM and 11.506 STEEM POWER for travelingsomm/backend-alpha-kw-33-appics-im-1798