Trace Mayer

A radiant torrent of facepalm inducing truth. Investor: Armory, Bitpay & Kraken. Bitcoin Knowledge Podcast Host. The Babe Ruth of Bitcoin shills.

Cypherspace Joined August 2016

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5 years agoReceived 1.000 SBD from michielHello Trace, I created a plan to allocate your crypto earnings to Bitcoin, gold and optional stable coins depending on the Mayer Multiple. This way you will keep mostly BTC and spend gold for living when BTC is undervalued and buy mostly gold and stable coins when BTC is overvalued. Read here and please upvote or share if you like it:
5 years agoReceived 0.001 SBD from haveaheartHello Tracemayer. Tomorrow is my wife's birthday. If you have the time, we would appreciate it if you could read this. Thank you.
5 years agoReceived 0.001 STEEM from krazypoet@tracemayer Good day, I'm contacting you on behalf of the Steem platform as you are currently witness voting for @tdv.witness who no longer is supporting the platform. We are campaigning to clear non supporting witness and vote for those who are making the platform better for community. If you could retract your vote from the inactive account @tdv.witness , it would benefit the whole platform, and Steem would be grateful. If you are looking for a witness to replace this vote, I support @enginewitty for his community involvement; you can check his page to learn more about what he does. Thank you and have a great rest of your day!
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