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last year0.301 STEEM POWER for kryptogames/launching-riddle-free-multiplayer-wordle-game-on-kryptogamers
2 years ago0.631 STEEM POWER for kryptogames/lightning-wallet-and-daily-quest-for-a-daily-win-upto-500-hive-steem-is-live-on-kryptogames
2 years ago3.091 STEEM POWER for goodhello/6c1hrq-4
2 years ago0.166 STEEM POWER for radiokorea/21-6-15-24
2 years ago2.052 STEEM POWER for lucky2/3qchu4
2 years ago1.267 STEEM POWER for oldstone/g-7
2 years ago2.037 STEEM POWER for sonki999/58dgh4
2 years ago5.852 STEEM POWER for wisdomandjustice/25-3-262
2 years ago9.895 STEEM POWER for tradingideas/xing-api-api
2 years ago0.948 STEEM POWER for successgr/210614-