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Be loyal to your innermost truth. Forgive those who are not; as they do not know the way. - 8888

Earth, Milky Way Galaxy. Joined September 2016

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3 years ago37.923 STEEM POWER for justineh/my-personal-thoughts-steem-tron-saga
3 years ago32.503 STEEM POWER for roadsuntraveled/400hp-widebody-subaru-sti-on-the-backroads-of-japan-or-project-atlantis
3 years ago24.924 STEEM POWER for joshsigurdson/96-million-hospital-beds-prepared-in-u-s-for-coronavirus-victims-pandemic-spreads-like-wildfire
3 years ago10.314 STEEM POWER for cyberdemon531/yi79c6tyaob
3 years ago27.390 STEEM POWER for marketreport/special-sunday-report-m-e-l-t-d-o-w-n-by-gregory-mannarino
3 years ago34.405 STEEM POWER for jeffjagoe/lnpefuqp
3 years ago23.645 STEEM POWER for louisthomas/chdlmjsm
3 years ago20.392 STEEM POWER for lukewearechange/the-real-reason-you-need-to-start-paying-attention
3 years ago8.227 STEEM POWER for cyberdemon531/jqk7to7qzaj
3 years ago6.308 STEEM POWER for phoneinf/8nr4k5q93wr