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6 years ago0.872 SBD and 0.221 STEEM POWER for tgjamieerin/bye-bye-bitconnect
6 years ago0.724 SBD and 0.178 STEEM POWER for tgjamieerin/confessions-of-a-sex-worker-4-no-student-discounts
6 years ago0.295 SBD and 0.081 STEEM POWER for tgjamieerin/confessions-of-a-sex-worker-4-what-s-high-end
6 years ago0.555 SBD and 0.205 STEEM POWER for tgjamieerin/use-me-please
6 years ago5.635 SBD and 2.165 STEEM POWER for tgjamieerin/please-allow-me-to-reintroduce-myself
6 years ago0.579 SBD and 0.224 STEEM POWER for tgjamieerin/play-time-with-broken-toys
6 years ago0.025 SBD and 0.010 STEEM POWER for tgjamieerin/confessions-of-a-sex-worker-3-this-isn-t-chipotle-dude
6 years ago0.035 SBD and 0.031 STEEM POWER for tgjamieerin/re-zappl-zappl-android-app-has-been-upated-20171129t180228300z
6 years ago0.443 SBD and 0.385 STEEM POWER for tgjamieerin/zappl-huh
7 years ago0.020 SBD and 0.024 STEEM POWER for tgjamieerin/do-you-prosper-or-falter-in-the-clutch