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last year0.427 SBD and 0.729 STEEM POWER for sutton-place/volvimos
last year0.339 SBD and 0.677 STEEM POWER for sutton-place/inversion-02082021
last year0.309 SBD and 0.677 STEEM POWER for sutton-place/inversion-30072021
2 years ago0.398 SBD and 0.933 STEEM POWER for sutton-place/inversion-23072021
2 years ago0.343 SBD and 0.859 STEEM POWER for sutton-place/inversion-21072021
2 years ago0.257 SBD and 0.707 STEEM POWER for sutton-place/inversion-19072021
2 years ago0.252 SBD and 0.705 STEEM POWER for sutton-place/inversion-18072021
2 years ago0.235 SBD and 0.669 STEEM POWER for sutton-place/inversion-17072021
2 years ago0.215 SBD and 0.653 STEEM POWER for sutton-place/inversion-16072021
2 years ago0.213 SBD and 0.651 STEEM POWER for sutton-place/inversion-15072021