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5 years ago0.007 SBD, 0.001 STEEM and 0.006 STEEM POWER for stiuly/vegetables-are-good-for-health-27fb9b734904e
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5 years ago1.093 SBD and 0.422 STEEM POWER for stiuly/the-scenery-in-takengon-is-beautiful-51cf3bb9c1544
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5 years ago1.082 SBD and 0.419 STEEM POWER for stiuly/very-beautiful-scenery-45c1b667f559f
5 years ago0.827 SBD and 0.317 STEEM POWER for stiuly/modification-of-the-train-era-f7e770b3009e7
5 years ago0.607 SBD and 0.216 STEEM POWER for stiuly/race-on-the-water-9db03f17731bd
5 years ago0.010 SBD and 0.005 STEEM POWER for stiuly/eliminate-the-sense-of-distress-41a6e658bbd89
5 years ago0.633 SBD and 0.208 STEEM POWER for stiuly/beautiful-forest-c1a0b38eb855e
5 years ago0.027 SBD and 0.008 STEEM POWER for stiuly/pyramid-waterfall-ec44c9e8ddfa7