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22 days ago1.822 SBD and 4.216 STEEM POWER for stefaniaveliz/lights-and-grays-in-medieval-armor-painting-gouache
last month1.700 SBD and 5.107 STEEM POWER for stefaniaveliz/my-first-april-painting-boy-and-nature-full-colors
2 months ago1.814 SBD and 5.223 STEEM POWER for stefaniaveliz/more-and-more-comic-panels-ink-art
2 months ago2.172 SBD and 7.046 STEEM POWER for stefaniaveliz/anya-taylor-joy-smoking-or-painting-in-gouache
2 months ago0.014 SBD and 0.048 STEEM POWER for stefaniaveliz/r845pq
2 months ago1.508 SBD and 4.944 STEEM POWER for stefaniaveliz/my-first-panels-of-my-comic-or-the-tim-world
3 months ago0.006 SBD and 0.019 STEEM POWER for stefaniaveliz/r730bf
3 months ago1.449 SBD and 4.105 STEEM POWER for stefaniaveliz/paul-atreides-dune-movie-or-my-first-fanart-of-year
4 months ago1.703 SBD and 3.847 STEEM POWER for stefaniaveliz/death-uchiha-catcher-and-madara-uchiha-fanart-exercise-of-lights
5 months ago0.602 SBD and 1.348 STEEM POWER for stefaniaveliz/new-light-study-sweater-girl-gouache-in-paper