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6 minutes ago2.687 SBD and 4.643 STEEM POWER for soulsdetour/cold-november-evening
7 hours ago2.236 SBD and 3.729 STEEM POWER for soulsdetour/owners-and-tenants
yesterday1.470 SBD and 2.362 STEEM POWER for soulsdetour/morning-greetings-in-the-evening
yesterday2.426 SBD and 3.890 STEEM POWER for soulsdetour/garbage
2 days ago1.920 SBD and 2.980 STEEM POWER for soulsdetour/last-day-of-autumn
2 days ago2.327 SBD and 3.582 STEEM POWER for soulsdetour/the-beauty-of-disrepair
3 days ago1.939 SBD and 2.962 STEEM POWER for soulsdetour/autumn
3 days ago1.905 SBD and 2.898 STEEM POWER for soulsdetour/living-in-the-zoo
4 days ago1.612 SBD and 2.346 STEEM POWER for soulsdetour/little-sunshines
4 days ago1.111 SBD and 1.617 STEEM POWER for soulsdetour/r332vk