I'm a well-known third-party developer for STEEM, and Litecoin

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9 months ago0.005 STEEM POWER for streemian/og-streemian---to-be-back
2 years ago0.832 STEEM POWER for kingscrown/are-you-csw-check-which-btc-addresses-dont-belong-to-csw
2 years ago0.822 STEEM POWER for kingscrown/bitshares-4-0-incoming
2 years ago1.122 STEEM POWER for kingscrown/aya-online-deposit-to-share-400000-aya
2 years ago0.762 STEEM POWER for kingscrown/loads-of-btc-addresses-make-a-fool-of-csw
2 years ago1.001 STEEM POWER for kingscrown/got-any-power-on-hive-and-want-to-make-few-asses-mad-add-me-on-the-voter
2 years ago0.755 STEEM POWER for kingscrown/binance-options-lists-eth-and-xrp-contracts
2 years ago0.718 STEEM POWER for kingscrown/ionomy-exchange-with-steem-and-sbd-pairs
2 years ago0.829 STEEM POWER for kingscrown/p65v264azcb
2 years ago0.691 STEEM POWER for kingscrown/trezor-and-ledger-data-hacked