Wayne G. Sokal

Buyer and seller of vintage items, woodworker, recycler, artist, farmer, photographer, crypto nut

Oakbank, Manitoba, Canada Joined July 2016

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4 years ago0.027 STEEM POWER for daveks/emerald-lake-in-black-and-white
4 years ago0.035 STEEM POWER for ritarigatoni/holy-cannelloni
4 years ago0.033 STEEM POWER for photocircle/the-best-of-photocircle-contributors-or-515th-edition
4 years ago0.066 STEEM POWER for daveks/uqzcv-around-the-canadian-rockies-in-colour-and-black-and-white
4 years ago0.029 STEEM POWER for daveks/re-halo-steemit-girl-halo-photography-journey-3005-20190528t051208539z
4 years ago0.015 STEEM POWER for daveks/2jbmtf-saskatchewan-sunset-classics
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5 years ago0.024 STEEM POWER for daveks/b-and-w-photo-contest-winners-announcement-theme-reflections-in-water
5 years ago0.030 STEEM POWER for lily-da-vine/read-if-you-want-to-help-ive-lost-my-ste-2019-03-09-23-44-47
5 years ago0.018 STEEM POWER for daveks/2cuukg-the-daily-pic