Smartsteem is an investment- and promotion-service for the Steem blockchain, launched in 2017.

Steem Joined October 2017

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Curation Rewards History

4 years ago0.482 STEEM POWER for hiddenblade/raindrops
4 years ago3.088 STEEM POWER for kingscrown/billions-episode-6-of-season-5
4 years ago2.721 STEEM POWER for kingscrown/btc-to-10k-coinbase-down-as-usual
4 years ago2.192 STEEM POWER for kingscrown/kingscrown-crypto-legend-speaks-out
4 years ago2.610 STEEM POWER for kingscrown/almost-everything-is-green-today
4 years ago2.746 STEEM POWER for kingscrown/steem-chart
4 years ago2.394 STEEM POWER for kingscrown/binance-lists-binance-idr-stable-coin
4 years ago2.396 STEEM POWER for kingscrown/holding-btc-ltc-or-doge-since-long-time-here-is-free-money-for-you--clams-
4 years ago3.123 STEEM POWER for kingscrown/xubupyv67x7
4 years ago11.472 STEEM POWER for hiddenblade/self-portrait-ii