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15 hours agoReceived 1.876 STEEM from upvu.bank2023-06-02 UPVU 보상 1.876(Boost : N) STEEM. [분배비율 기준일, 2023-05-27] 스팀파워:29117.008SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU. 2023-06-02 UPVU reward 3.753 STEEM. [Distribution Ratio Date, 2023-05-27] SteemPower:29117.008SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU.
15 hours agoReceived 1.824 STEEM from upvu.bank2023-06-01 UPVU 보상 1.824(Boost : N) STEEM. [분배비율 기준일, 2023-05-26] 스팀파워:29023.963SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU. 2023-06-01 UPVU reward 3.649 STEEM. [Distribution Ratio Date, 2023-05-26] SteemPower:29023.963SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU.
2 days agoReceived 1.957 STEEM from upvu.bank2023-05-31 UPVU 보상 1.957(Boost : N) STEEM. [분배비율 기준일, 2023-05-25] 스팀파워:29021.725SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU. 2023-05-31 UPVU reward 3.915 STEEM. [Distribution Ratio Date, 2023-05-25] SteemPower:29021.725SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU.
3 days agoTransfer 14.563 STEEM POWER to sksms
3 days agoClaim rewards: 10.700 STEEM and 10.706 STEEM POWER
3 days agoReceived 1.919 STEEM from upvu.bank2023-05-30 UPVU 보상 1.919(Boost : N) STEEM. [분배비율 기준일, 2023-05-24] 스팀파워:29019.488SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU. 2023-05-30 UPVU reward 3.838 STEEM. [Distribution Ratio Date, 2023-05-24] SteemPower:29019.488SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU.
4 days agoReceived 1.944 STEEM from upvu.bank2023-05-29 UPVU 보상 1.944(Boost : N) STEEM. [분배비율 기준일, 2023-05-23] 스팀파워:29017.256SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU. 2023-05-29 UPVU reward 3.889 STEEM. [Distribution Ratio Date, 2023-05-23] SteemPower:29017.256SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU.
5 days agoTransfer 25.648 STEEM POWER to sksms
5 days agoClaim rewards: 21.677 STEEM and 21.693 STEEM POWER
5 days agoReceived 2.088 STEEM from upvu.bank2023-05-28 UPVU 보상 2.088(Boost : N) STEEM. [분배비율 기준일, 2023-05-22] 스팀파워:29015.023SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU. 2023-05-28 UPVU reward 4.176 STEEM. [Distribution Ratio Date, 2023-05-22] SteemPower:29015.023SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU.
6 days agoReceived 1.883 STEEM from upvu.bank2023-05-27 UPVU 보상 1.883(Boost : N) STEEM. [분배비율 기준일, 2023-05-21] 스팀파워:28950.715SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU. 2023-05-27 UPVU reward 3.767 STEEM. [Distribution Ratio Date, 2023-05-21] SteemPower:28950.715SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU.
7 days agoTransfer 49.892 STEEM POWER to sksms
7 days agoClaim rewards: 25.414 STEEM and 25.437 STEEM POWER
7 days agoReceived 1.848 STEEM from upvu.bank2023-05-26 UPVU 보상 1.848(Boost : N) STEEM. [분배비율 기준일, 2023-05-20] 스팀파워:28948.484SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU. 2023-05-26 UPVU reward 3.696 STEEM. [Distribution Ratio Date, 2023-05-20] SteemPower:28948.484SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU.
8 days agoReceived 1.875 STEEM from upvu.bank2023-05-25 UPVU 보상 1.875(Boost : N) STEEM. [분배비율 기준일, 2023-05-19] 스팀파워:28946.252SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU. 2023-05-25 UPVU reward 3.751 STEEM. [Distribution Ratio Date, 2023-05-19] SteemPower:28946.252SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU.
9 days agoClaim rewards: 14.872 STEEM and 14.888 STEEM POWER
9 days agoReceived 1.882 STEEM from upvu.bank2023-05-24 UPVU 보상 1.882(Boost : N) STEEM. [분배비율 기준일, 2023-05-18] 스팀파워:28944.016SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU. 2023-05-24 UPVU reward 3.764 STEEM. [Distribution Ratio Date, 2023-05-18] SteemPower:28944.016SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU.
10 days agoReceived 1.972 STEEM from upvu.bank2023-05-23 UPVU 보상 1.972(Boost : N) STEEM. [분배비율 기준일, 2023-05-17] 스팀파워:28923.281SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU. 2023-05-23 UPVU reward 3.945 STEEM. [Distribution Ratio Date, 2023-05-17] SteemPower:28923.281SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU.
11 days agoReceived 2.029 STEEM from upvu.bank2023-05-22 UPVU 보상 2.029(Boost : N) STEEM. [분배비율 기준일, 2023-05-16] 스팀파워:28921.047SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU. 2023-05-22 UPVU reward 4.06 STEEM. [Distribution Ratio Date, 2023-05-16] SteemPower:28921.047SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU.
12 days agoTransfer 35.236 STEEM POWER to sksms
12 days agoClaim rewards: 27.470 STEEM and 27.505 STEEM POWER
12 days agoReceived 1.875 STEEM from upvu.bank2023-05-21 UPVU 보상 1.875(Boost : N) STEEM. [분배비율 기준일, 2023-05-15] 스팀파워:28815.463SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU. 2023-05-21 UPVU reward 3.751 STEEM. [Distribution Ratio Date, 2023-05-15] SteemPower:28815.463SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU.
13 days agoReceived 1.950 STEEM from upvu.bank2023-05-20 UPVU 보상 1.95(Boost : N) STEEM. [분배비율 기준일, 2023-05-14] 스팀파워:28813.244SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU. 2023-05-20 UPVU reward 3.901 STEEM. [Distribution Ratio Date, 2023-05-14] SteemPower:28813.244SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU.
14 days agoReceived 1.992 STEEM from upvu.bank2023-05-19 UPVU 보상 1.992(Boost : N) STEEM. [분배비율 기준일, 2023-05-13] 스팀파워:28811.023SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU. 2023-05-19 UPVU reward 3.985 STEEM. [Distribution Ratio Date, 2023-05-13] SteemPower:28811.023SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU.
15 days agoReceived 1.949 STEEM from upvu.bank2023-05-18 UPVU 보상 1.949(Boost : N) STEEM. [분배비율 기준일, 2023-05-12] 스팀파워:28808.803SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU. 2023-05-18 UPVU reward 3.899 STEEM. [Distribution Ratio Date, 2023-05-12] SteemPower:28808.803SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU.
16 days agoTransfer 10.620 STEEM POWER to sksms
16 days agoClaim rewards: 6.653 STEEM and 6.664 STEEM POWER
16 days agoReceived 2.162 STEEM from upvu.bank2023-05-17 UPVU 보상 2.162(Boost : N) STEEM. [분배비율 기준일, 2023-05-11] 스팀파워:28806.582SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU. 2023-05-17 UPVU reward 4.325 STEEM. [Distribution Ratio Date, 2023-05-11] SteemPower:28806.582SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU.
17 days agoReceived 1.805 STEEM from upvu.bank2023-05-16 UPVU 보상 1.805(Boost : N) STEEM. [분배비율 기준일, 2023-05-10] 스팀파워:28804.355SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU. 2023-05-16 UPVU reward 3.611 STEEM. [Distribution Ratio Date, 2023-05-10] SteemPower:28804.355SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU.
18 days agoTransfer 59.212 STEEM POWER to sksms
18 days agoClaim rewards: 34.685 STEEM and 34.754 STEEM POWER
18 days agoReceived 2.125 STEEM from upvu.bank2023-05-15 UPVU 보상 2.125(Boost : N) STEEM. [분배비율 기준일, 2023-05-09] 스팀파워:28802.131SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU. 2023-05-15 UPVU reward 4.25 STEEM. [Distribution Ratio Date, 2023-05-09] SteemPower:28802.131SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU.
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22 days agoReceived 1.880 STEEM from upvu.bank2023-05-11 UPVU 보상 1.88(Boost : N) STEEM. [분배비율 기준일, 2023-05-05] 스팀파워:28181.289SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU. 2023-05-11 UPVU reward 3.76 STEEM. [Distribution Ratio Date, 2023-05-05] SteemPower:28181.289SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU.
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24 days agoClaim rewards: 10.734 STEEM and 10.756 STEEM POWER
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25 days agoTransfer 24.242 STEEM POWER to sksms
25 days agoClaim rewards: 20.371 STEEM and 20.416 STEEM POWER
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25 days agoReceived 0.012 STEEM from project.hopeDELEGATE AND EARN: Are you looking for PASSIVE INCOME opportunities here on Steemit? Our community offers attractive WEEKLY DIVIDENTS to all delegators. WE PAY 100% of all curation rewards to our supporters. Check out our last post for more details. Hopefully you will find it worth your time and attention :)
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last monthReceived 1.893 STEEM from upvu.bank2023-05-03 UPVU 보상 1.893(Boost : N) STEEM. [분배비율 기준일, 2023-04-27] 스팀파워:27915.717SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU. 2023-05-03 UPVU reward 3.787 STEEM. [Distribution Ratio Date, 2023-04-27] SteemPower:27915.717SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU.
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last monthReceived 1.771 STEEM from upvu.bank2023-04-29 UPVU 보상 1.771(Boost : N) STEEM. [분배비율 기준일, 2023-04-23] 스팀파워:27907.094SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU. 2023-04-29 UPVU reward 3.543 STEEM. [Distribution Ratio Date, 2023-04-23] SteemPower:27907.094SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU.
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last monthReceived 1.860 STEEM from upvu.bank2023-04-21 UPVU 보상 1.86(Boost : N) STEEM. [분배비율 기준일, 2023-04-15] 스팀파워:27705.027SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU. 2023-04-21 UPVU reward 3.721 STEEM. [Distribution Ratio Date, 2023-04-15] SteemPower:27705.027SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU.
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