Hello Steemians, i am a entrepreneur, philosopher, husband and a father and i love to create videos about games and about anything in life!

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last year0.021 STEEM POWER for sinzzer/testing-distance-with-my-nikon-p1000-camera-in-france
last year0.040 STEEM POWER for sinzzer/the-battle-of-kursk-man-of-war-assault-squad-2-gameplay
last year0.042 STEEM POWER for sinzzer/operation-market-garden-man-of-war-assault-squad-2-gameplay
last year0.039 STEEM POWER for sinzzer/age-of-empire-2-gameplay-ceasar-campaign
2 years ago0.038 STEEM POWER for sinzzer/video-of-the-full-moon
2 years ago0.039 STEEM POWER for sinzzer/night-pictures-taken-of-farmland-in-the-fog
2 years ago0.039 STEEM POWER for sinzzer/what-is-going-on-with-liverpool-nowadays
2 years ago0.001 STEEM POWER for intellihandling/start-check-out
2 years ago0.017 STEEM POWER for fragmentarion/actifit-fragmentarion-20201230t213009442z
2 years ago0.045 STEEM POWER for instagram-models/appics-v1-appics-im-353731-hive-151070