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11 months ago0.065 SBD and 0.197 STEEM POWER for singa/fair-of-craftsmen-or-the-wonders-of-needlework-15-photo
11 months ago0.712 SBD and 2.163 STEEM POWER for singa/my-new-mountain-landscape-at-the-waterfall
11 months ago0.133 SBD and 0.388 STEEM POWER for singa/my-venetian-seascape
last year0.005 SBD and 0.018 STEEM POWER for singa/r6s3zz
last year0.006 SBD and 0.019 STEEM POWER for singa/r6s3rh
last year0.440 SBD and 1.233 STEEM POWER for singa/my-new-painting-dream-house
last year0.061 SBD and 0.196 STEEM POWER for singa/an-unusual-art-object-in-the-krasnodar-park-22-photo
last year0.342 SBD and 1.113 STEEM POWER for singa/my-new-landscape-by-the-lake