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4 hours ago0.000 SBD and 0.589 STEEM POWER for sindong/21-04-29
12 hours ago0.000 SBD and 4.643 STEEM POWER for sindong/part-iii
21 hours ago0.000 SBD and 1.126 STEEM POWER for sindong/actifit-sindong-20210428t125246492z
yesterday0.000 SBD and 5.176 STEEM POWER for sindong/21-04-28
2 days ago0.000 SBD and 0.602 STEEM POWER for sindong/actifit-sindong-20210427t145036478z
2 days ago0.000 SBD and 1.096 STEEM POWER for sindong/21-04-27
3 days ago0.000 SBD and 4.811 STEEM POWER for sindong/part-ii
3 days ago0.000 SBD and 1.503 STEEM POWER for sindong/actifit-sindong-20210426t124116255z
3 days ago0.000 SBD and 1.381 STEEM POWER for sindong/21-04-26
4 days ago0.000 SBD and 4.758 STEEM POWER for sindong/part-i