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last year11.468 SBD and 24.531 STEEM POWER for signalandnoise/re-byubat-3uhtnw-20190405t092243893z
last year11.714 SBD and 26.049 STEEM POWER for signalandnoise/grin-bsv-bft
last year6.838 SBD and 15.240 STEEM POWER for signalandnoise/re-blockchainstudio-re-signalandnoise-6xvuak-20190327t142042237z
last year11.911 SBD and 27.444 STEEM POWER for signalandnoise/6xvuak
last year11.976 SBD and 27.719 STEEM POWER for signalandnoise/uzgqb
last year11.332 SBD and 26.172 STEEM POWER for signalandnoise/1day-1photo
last year11.833 SBD and 27.331 STEEM POWER for signalandnoise/3dzqvm-x