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last year0.534 SBD and 1.303 STEEM POWER for sholly1/build-an-act-of-responding-to-objections
last year0.381 SBD and 0.742 STEEM POWER for sholly1/think-outside-the-box
last year5.003 SBD and 7.323 STEEM POWER for sholly1/crypto-academy-week-13-homework-post-for-professor-yousafharoonkhan
last year3.787 SBD and 4.929 STEEM POWER for sholly1/crypto-academy-week-13-homework-post-for-alphafx
last year7.606 SBD and 8.043 STEEM POWER for sholly1/steemit-crypto-academy-season-2-week-4-post-for-stream4u
last year6.769 SBD and 6.260 STEEM POWER for sholly1/crypto-academy-season-2-week-3-homework-post-for-alphafx-by-sholly1
last year4.565 SBD and 5.447 STEEM POWER for sholly1/crypto-academy-week-10-homework-post-for-stream4u
last year3.920 SBD and 5.596 STEEM POWER for sholly1/steemit-crypto-academy-season-2-week-1-or-homework-post-for-yohan2on
last year0.602 SBD and 0.525 STEEM POWER for sholly1/anger-should-be-controlled
last year8.502 SBD and 7.694 STEEM POWER for sholly1/crypto-academy-week-7-homework-post-for-stream4u-money-management