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14 days ago0.100 SBD and 0.170 STEEM POWER for scienceblocks/actifit-scienceblocks-20211116t123116311z
last month0.260 SBD and 0.425 STEEM POWER for scienceblocks/actifit-scienceblocks-20211030t092823785z
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3 months ago0.406 SBD and 0.648 STEEM POWER for scienceblocks/actifit-scienceblocks-20210912t172735126z
3 months ago0.459 SBD and 0.752 STEEM POWER for scienceblocks/actifit-scienceblocks-20210907t125718632z
7 months ago0.497 SBD and 0.651 STEEM POWER for scienceblocks/actifit-scienceblocks-20210420t060105720z
2 years ago0.182 SBD and 0.926 STEEM POWER for scienceblocks/actifit-scienceblocks-20200521t050604666z
2 years ago0.296 SBD and 1.725 STEEM POWER for scienceblocks/actifit-scienceblocks-20200513t110249071z
2 years ago0.225 SBD and 1.320 STEEM POWER for scienceblocks/actifit-scienceblocks-20200501t181012383z