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last year0.012 SBD, 0.001 STEEM and 0.009 STEEM POWER for saulrico/ibelieve-psalm-43-5-no-more-sadness-tell-your-soul-what-to-do
last year0.014 SBD, 0.002 STEEM and 0.010 STEEM POWER for saulrico/yocreo-salmo-43-5-no-mas-tristeza-digale-a-su-alma-lo-que-debe-hacer
last year0.011 SBD, 0.001 STEEM and 0.007 STEEM POWER for saulrico/re-rynow-47c65o-daily-scripture-20180318t235257829z
last year0.040 SBD and 0.011 STEEM POWER for saulrico/re-rynow-7v7ctp-daily-scripture-20180215t033246088z
last year0.024 SBD and 0.007 STEEM POWER for saulrico/what-to-do-when-we-no-longer-have-more-hope-praise
last year0.053 SBD and 0.013 STEEM POWER for saulrico/que-hacer-cuando-ya-no-nos-quede-mas-esperanza-alabar
last year0.041 SBD and 0.011 STEEM POWER for saulrico/re-rynow-2tedr9-daily-scripture-20180214t002428580z
last year0.042 SBD and 0.011 STEEM POWER for saulrico/re-rynow-delicate-beauty-on-the-station-20180213t030504173z
last year0.042 SBD and 0.011 STEEM POWER for saulrico/re-rynow-6svzux-daily-scripture-20180213t030046453z
last year0.051 SBD and 0.012 STEEM POWER for saulrico/re-rynow-2hz75v-daily-scripture-20180213t025157905z