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4 months ago0.078 SBD and 0.227 STEEM POWER for rudex/smoke-delisting-announcement
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11 months ago0.062 SBD, 0.203 STEEM and 0.637 STEEM POWER for rudex/graphene-blockchain-by-rudex-team-initial-distribution-announcement
last year0.068 SBD and 0.425 STEEM POWER for rudex/newbitshares-nbs-gateway-on-decentralized-trading-platform-bitshares-rudex-launched
last year0.085 SBD and 0.519 STEEM POWER for rudex/new-service-from-rudex-top-up-cryptocurrency-balances-with-a-bank-card
last year0.754 SBD and 3.841 STEEM POWER for rudex/rudex-mobile-app-announcement
last year0.166 SBD, 1.465 STEEM and 2.713 STEEM POWER for rudex/prizm-pzm-gateway-on-decentralized-trading-platform-bitshares-rudex-launched