MD Rifat


Bangladesh Joined September 2021

Estimated author rewards last week:
0.000 STEEM
0.000 SBD

Author Rewards History

last year0.205 SBD and 0.621 STEEM POWER for rmbn/then-the-fireflies-took-her-two-babies-and-left-thanking-her
last year0.203 SBD and 0.630 STEEM POWER for rmbn/palash-s-mother-used-to-kill-him-and-sell-him-in-the-shop
last year0.208 SBD and 0.650 STEEM POWER for rmbn/should-keep-your-beards-as-soon-as-possible
last year0.184 SBD and 0.582 STEEM POWER for rmbn/their-day-seemed-to-go-well
last year0.188 SBD and 0.595 STEEM POWER for rmbn/will-go-a-long-way-with-him
last year0.177 SBD and 0.575 STEEM POWER for rmbn/because-if-we-sell-it-to-a-bhairavi-mother-you-will-be-very-rich
last year0.174 SBD and 0.574 STEEM POWER for rmbn/thank-you-so-much-because-you-re-the-best
last year0.181 SBD and 0.606 STEEM POWER for rmbn/just-then-he-was-flying-a-magic-he-saw-the-magical-ass
last year0.186 SBD and 0.621 STEEM POWER for rmbn/daughter-s-mind-would-be-in-pain-and-then-one-day-tuni-died
last year0.181 SBD and 0.608 STEEM POWER for rmbn/our-work-girl-doesn-t-say-it-can-t-happen