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8 months ago0.128 SBD and 0.780 STEEM POWER for raj808/7bl4oynnzs4
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last year0.599 SBD and 2.905 STEEM POWER for raj808/2gldfc-the-meadow-s-chorus-a-month-of-daily-haiku-day-5
last year1.533 SBD and 7.231 STEEM POWER for raj808/2za5vr-the-dream-of-mountains-a-month-of-daily-haiku-day-4
last year0.679 SBD and 3.294 STEEM POWER for raj808/2jzkj9-autumn-s-susurrus-a-month-of-daily-haiku-day-3
last year0.320 SBD and 1.548 STEEM POWER for raj808/67oko4-selene-s-embrace-a-month-of-daily-haiku-day-2
last year0.561 SBD and 2.710 STEEM POWER for raj808/6muuyt-selene-s-embrace-a-month-of-daily-haiku-day-2
last year0.620 SBD and 3.554 STEEM POWER for raj808/flhaj-fujisan-rests-a-month-of-daily-haiku-day-1