ACEH-INDONESIA Joined May 2021

Estimated author rewards last week:
0.000 STEEM
0.000 SBD

Author Rewards History

last year0.176 SBD and 0.544 STEEM POWER for pejuang-aceh/photography-of-a-cute-cat
last year0.192 SBD and 0.579 STEEM POWER for pejuang-aceh/photography-of-a-sunflower
last year0.189 SBD and 0.552 STEEM POWER for pejuang-aceh/photography-of-a-beautiful-butterfly
last year0.196 SBD and 0.569 STEEM POWER for pejuang-aceh/enjoying-a-cup-of-coffee-with-a-friend
last year0.194 SBD and 0.553 STEEM POWER for pejuang-aceh/photography-of-a-unique-shy-princess-flower
last year0.201 SBD and 0.571 STEEM POWER for pejuang-aceh/photography-a-profit
last year0.247 SBD and 0.701 STEEM POWER for pejuang-aceh/togetherness-with-friends
last year0.262 SBD and 0.753 STEEM POWER for pejuang-aceh/buy-fresh-citrus-fruits
last year0.246 SBD and 0.741 STEEM POWER for pejuang-aceh/activities-on-today
last year0.231 SBD and 0.719 STEEM POWER for pejuang-aceh/enjoy-an-ice-cream-parlor