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last year0.322 SBD and 1.625 STEEM POWER for paulmp/actifit-paulmp-20200522t132025048z
last year0.357 SBD and 1.781 STEEM POWER for paulmp/actifit-paulmp-20200518t141305841z
last year0.000 SBD and 0.001 STEEM POWER for paulmp/actifit-paulmp-20200517t125943726z
last year0.392 SBD and 1.910 STEEM POWER for paulmp/actifit-paulmp-20200515t073333136z
last year0.358 SBD and 2.059 STEEM POWER for paulmp/actifit-paulmp-20200513t161102973z
last year0.236 SBD and 1.396 STEEM POWER for paulmp/actifit-paulmp-20200512t131953413z
last year0.251 SBD and 1.498 STEEM POWER for paulmp/actifit-paulmp-20200511t152906606z
last year0.269 SBD and 1.647 STEEM POWER for paulmp/actifit-paulmp-20200509t140316619z
last year0.528 SBD and 3.292 STEEM POWER for paulmp/actifit-paulmp-20200508t133444516z
last year0.328 SBD and 2.058 STEEM POWER for paulmp/actifit-paulmp-20200507t133718430z