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2 years ago0.035 SBD and 0.088 STEEM POWER for patrickulrich/live-catch-up-day-or-sbi-giveaways
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2 years ago0.097 SBD and 0.235 STEEM POWER for patrickulrich/live-games-and-chatting-or-sbi-giveaways
2 years ago0.097 SBD and 0.303 STEEM POWER for patrickulrich/live-call-of-duty-zombies-or-sbi-giveaways
2 years ago0.083 SBD and 0.373 STEEM POWER for patrickulrich/live-splinterlands-and-tom-clancy-s-the-division-2-or-sbi-giveaways
2 years ago0.130 SBD and 0.604 STEEM POWER for patrickulrich/2ko1ny-live-splinterlands-and-marbles-or-sbi-giveaways
2 years ago0.158 SBD and 0.844 STEEM POWER for patrickulrich/live-splinterlands-and-marbles-or-sbi-giveaways