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15 days ago0.008 SBD and 0.020 STEEM POWER for pahlawan-aceh/watermelon
6 months ago0.021 SBD and 0.021 STEEM POWER for pahlawan-aceh/rare-animal-photo
7 months ago0.011 SBD and 0.012 STEEM POWER for pahlawan-aceh/qqiled
8 months ago0.090 SBD and 0.408 STEEM POWER for pahlawan-aceh/wherein-1612123529276-s
last year0.031 SBD and 0.156 STEEM POWER for pahlawan-aceh/landybug-stands-in-the-toadstool
last year0.006 SBD and 0.032 STEEM POWER for pahlawan-aceh/landybug-making-love-on-a-leaf
last year0.247 SBD and 1.182 STEEM POWER for pahlawan-aceh/the-eagle-catches-fish
last year0.039 SBD and 0.245 STEEM POWER for pahlawan-aceh/mushroom-life-in-a-unique-place
last year0.088 SBD and 0.562 STEEM POWER for pahlawan-aceh/the-beauty-of-a-dragonfly-standing-on-a-log
last year0.026 SBD and 0.152 STEEM POWER for pahlawan-aceh/keindahan-bunga-seulaga-aceh