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37 minutes agoReceived 6.005 STEEM from upvu.bank2023-06-10 UPVU 보상 6.005(Boost : N) STEEM. [분배비율 기준일, 2023-06-04] 스팀파워:94304.516SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU. 2023-06-10 UPVU reward 12.01 STEEM. [Distribution Ratio Date, 2023-06-04] SteemPower:94304.516SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU.
yesterdayReceived 6.328 STEEM from upvu.bank2023-06-09 UPVU 보상 6.328(Boost : N) STEEM. [분배비율 기준일, 2023-06-03] 스팀파워:94297.281SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU. 2023-06-09 UPVU reward 12.656 STEEM. [Distribution Ratio Date, 2023-06-03] SteemPower:94297.281SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU.
2 days agoTransfer 38.671 STEEM POWER to osj
2 days agoClaim rewards: 25.887 STEEM and 25.899 STEEM POWER
2 days agoReceived 6.529 STEEM from upvu.bank2023-06-08 UPVU 보상 6.529(Boost : N) STEEM. [분배비율 기준일, 2023-06-02] 스팀파워:94290.039SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU. 2023-06-08 UPVU reward 13.059 STEEM. [Distribution Ratio Date, 2023-06-02] SteemPower:94290.039SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU.
3 days agoReceived 6.255 STEEM from upvu.bank2023-06-07 UPVU 보상 6.255(Boost : N) STEEM. [분배비율 기준일, 2023-06-01] 스팀파워:94282.805SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU. 2023-06-07 UPVU reward 12.511 STEEM. [Distribution Ratio Date, 2023-06-01] SteemPower:94282.805SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU.
4 days agoTransfer 19.408 STEEM POWER to osj
4 days agoClaim rewards: 13.259 STEEM and 13.267 STEEM POWER
4 days agoReceived 6.149 STEEM from upvu.bank2023-06-06 UPVU 보상 6.149(Boost : N) STEEM. [분배비율 기준일, 2023-05-31] 스팀파워:94275.625SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU. 2023-06-06 UPVU reward 12.298 STEEM. [Distribution Ratio Date, 2023-05-31] SteemPower:94275.625SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU.
5 days agoTransfer 115.651 STEEM POWER to osj
5 days agoClaim rewards: 77.985 STEEM and 78.049 STEEM POWER
5 days agoReceived 6.108 STEEM from upvu.bank2023-06-05 UPVU 보상 6.108(Boost : N) STEEM. [분배비율 기준일, 2023-05-30] 스팀파워:94204.984SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU. 2023-06-05 UPVU reward 12.216 STEEM. [Distribution Ratio Date, 2023-05-30] SteemPower:94204.984SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU.
6 days agoReceived 6.533 STEEM from upvu.bank2023-06-04 UPVU 보상 6.533(Boost : N) STEEM. [분배비율 기준일, 2023-05-29] 스팀파워:94197.750SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU. 2023-06-04 UPVU reward 13.067 STEEM. [Distribution Ratio Date, 2023-05-29] SteemPower:94197.750SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU.
7 days agoReceived 6.685 STEEM from upvu.bank2023-06-03 UPVU 보상 6.685(Boost : N) STEEM. [분배비율 기준일, 2023-05-28] 스팀파워:94126.297SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU. 2023-06-03 UPVU reward 13.37 STEEM. [Distribution Ratio Date, 2023-05-28] SteemPower:94126.297SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU.
8 days agoReceived 6.060 STEEM from upvu.bank2023-06-02 UPVU 보상 6.06(Boost : N) STEEM. [분배비율 기준일, 2023-05-27] 스팀파워:94119.047SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU. 2023-06-02 UPVU reward 12.12 STEEM. [Distribution Ratio Date, 2023-05-27] SteemPower:94119.047SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU.
8 days agoReceived 5.918 STEEM from upvu.bank2023-06-01 UPVU 보상 5.918(Boost : N) STEEM. [분배비율 기준일, 2023-05-26] 스팀파워:93955.016SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU. 2023-06-01 UPVU reward 11.836 STEEM. [Distribution Ratio Date, 2023-05-26] SteemPower:93955.016SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU.
10 days agoReceived 6.362 STEEM from upvu.bank2023-05-31 UPVU 보상 6.362(Boost : N) STEEM. [분배비율 기준일, 2023-05-25] 스팀파워:93947.773SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU. 2023-05-31 UPVU reward 12.724 STEEM. [Distribution Ratio Date, 2023-05-25] SteemPower:93947.773SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU.
11 days agoTransfer 38.078 STEEM POWER to osj
11 days agoClaim rewards: 25.533 STEEM and 25.562 STEEM POWER
11 days agoReceived 6.237 STEEM from upvu.bank2023-05-30 UPVU 보상 6.237(Boost : N) STEEM. [분배비율 기준일, 2023-05-24] 스팀파워:93940.539SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU. 2023-05-30 UPVU reward 12.475 STEEM. [Distribution Ratio Date, 2023-05-24] SteemPower:93940.539SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU.
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13 days agoTransfer 38.304 STEEM POWER to osj
13 days agoClaim rewards: 25.434 STEEM and 25.466 STEEM POWER
13 days agoReceived 6.773 STEEM from upvu.bank2023-05-28 UPVU 보상 6.773(Boost : N) STEEM. [분배비율 기준일, 2023-05-22] 스팀파워:93926.078SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU. 2023-05-28 UPVU reward 13.546 STEEM. [Distribution Ratio Date, 2023-05-22] SteemPower:93926.078SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU.
14 days agoReceived 6.097 STEEM from upvu.bank2023-05-27 UPVU 보상 6.097(Boost : N) STEEM. [분배비율 기준일, 2023-05-21] 스팀파워:93823.594SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU. 2023-05-27 UPVU reward 12.194 STEEM. [Distribution Ratio Date, 2023-05-21] SteemPower:93823.594SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU.
15 days agoTransfer 93.730 STEEM POWER to osj
15 days agoClaim rewards: 37.828 STEEM and 37.883 STEEM POWER
15 days agoReceived 5.981 STEEM from upvu.bank2023-05-26 UPVU 보상 5.981(Boost : N) STEEM. [분배비율 기준일, 2023-05-20] 스팀파워:93816.367SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU. 2023-05-26 UPVU reward 11.962 STEEM. [Distribution Ratio Date, 2023-05-20] SteemPower:93816.367SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU.
16 days agoReceived 6.073 STEEM from upvu.bank2023-05-25 UPVU 보상 6.073(Boost : N) STEEM. [분배비율 기준일, 2023-05-19] 스팀파워:93809.125SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU. 2023-05-25 UPVU reward 12.147 STEEM. [Distribution Ratio Date, 2023-05-19] SteemPower:93809.125SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU.
17 days agoClaim rewards: 24.829 STEEM and 24.871 STEEM POWER
17 days agoReceived 6.083 STEEM from upvu.bank2023-05-24 UPVU 보상 6.083(Boost : N) STEEM. [분배비율 기준일, 2023-05-18] 스팀파워:93769.062SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU. 2023-05-24 UPVU reward 12.166 STEEM. [Distribution Ratio Date, 2023-05-18] SteemPower:93769.062SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU.
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20 days agoTransfer 57.451 STEEM POWER to osj
20 days agoClaim rewards: 38.559 STEEM and 38.632 STEEM POWER
20 days agoReceived 6.089 STEEM from upvu.bank2023-05-21 UPVU 보상 6.089(Boost : N) STEEM. [분배비율 기준일, 2023-05-15] 스팀파워:93459.695SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU. 2023-05-21 UPVU reward 12.179 STEEM. [Distribution Ratio Date, 2023-05-15] SteemPower:93459.695SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU.
21 days agoReceived 6.334 STEEM from upvu.bank2023-05-20 UPVU 보상 6.334(Boost : N) STEEM. [분배비율 기준일, 2023-05-14] 스팀파워:93452.492SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU. 2023-05-20 UPVU reward 12.668 STEEM. [Distribution Ratio Date, 2023-05-14] SteemPower:93452.492SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU.
22 days agoReceived 6.469 STEEM from upvu.bank2023-05-19 UPVU 보상 6.469(Boost : N) STEEM. [분배비율 기준일, 2023-05-13] 스팀파워:93445.289SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU. 2023-05-19 UPVU reward 12.938 STEEM. [Distribution Ratio Date, 2023-05-13] SteemPower:93445.289SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU.
23 days agoTransfer 19.369 STEEM POWER to osj
23 days agoClaim rewards: 13.043 STEEM and 13.069 STEEM POWER
23 days agoReceived 6.326 STEEM from upvu.bank2023-05-18 UPVU 보상 6.326(Boost : N) STEEM. [분배비율 기준일, 2023-05-12] 스팀파워:93438.086SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU. 2023-05-18 UPVU reward 12.653 STEEM. [Distribution Ratio Date, 2023-05-12] SteemPower:93438.086SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU.
24 days agoTransfer 38.317 STEEM POWER to osj
24 days agoClaim rewards: 25.440 STEEM and 25.494 STEEM POWER
24 days agoReceived 7.018 STEEM from upvu.bank2023-05-17 UPVU 보상 7.018(Boost : N) STEEM. [분배비율 기준일, 2023-05-11] 스팀파워:93430.883SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU. 2023-05-17 UPVU reward 14.036 STEEM. [Distribution Ratio Date, 2023-05-11] SteemPower:93430.883SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU.
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26 days agoReceived 6.895 STEEM from upvu.bank2023-05-15 UPVU 보상 6.895(Boost : N) STEEM. [분배비율 기준일, 2023-05-09] 스팀파워:93416.445SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU. 2023-05-15 UPVU reward 13.791 STEEM. [Distribution Ratio Date, 2023-05-09] SteemPower:93416.445SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU.
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last monthReceived 6.224 STEEM from upvu.bank2023-05-11 UPVU 보상 6.224(Boost : N) STEEM. [분배비율 기준일, 2023-05-05] 스팀파워:93228.594SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU. 2023-05-11 UPVU reward 12.449 STEEM. [Distribution Ratio Date, 2023-05-05] SteemPower:93228.594SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU.
last monthReceived 6.494 STEEM from upvu.bank2023-05-10 UPVU 보상 6.494(Boost : N) STEEM. [분배비율 기준일, 2023-05-04] 스팀파워:93221.406SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU. 2023-05-10 UPVU reward 12.989 STEEM. [Distribution Ratio Date, 2023-05-04] SteemPower:93221.406SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU.
last monthReceived 6.324 STEEM from upvu.bank2023-05-09 UPVU 보상 6.324(Boost : N) STEEM. [분배비율 기준일, 2023-05-03] 스팀파워:93028.531SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU. 2023-05-09 UPVU reward 12.648 STEEM. [Distribution Ratio Date, 2023-05-03] SteemPower:93028.531SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU.
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last monthReceived 6.334 STEEM from upvu.bank2023-05-07 UPVU 보상 6.334(Boost : N) STEEM. [분배비율 기준일, 2023-05-01] 스팀파워:93014.164SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU. 2023-05-07 UPVU reward 12.669 STEEM. [Distribution Ratio Date, 2023-05-01] SteemPower:93014.164SP, UPVU Token:0.000UPVU.
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