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yesterday12.052 SBD and 20.573 STEEM POWER for olesia/scammers-attention-the-authors-of-the-steemit-platform
2 days ago1.500 SBD and 2.495 STEEM POWER for olesia/the-diary-game-3-date-09-10-2021-tusuyus-v-apteke
3 days ago11.102 SBD and 18.299 STEEM POWER for olesia/kids-of-the-world-by-olesia-and-soulwind-or-or-announcement-of-the-winners-of-week-24-and-the-beginning-of-week-25-or-10-support
5 days ago10.256 SBD and 16.935 STEEM POWER for olesia/photocontest-it-s-autumn-or-geklberri
6 days ago11.695 SBD and 19.124 STEEM POWER for olesia/the-diary-game-3-date-05-10-2021-menyaem-zhizn-k-luchshemu
7 days ago1.007 SBD and 1.628 STEEM POWER for olesia/my-monument-pamyatnik-roditelyam
8 days ago7.518 SBD and 12.039 STEEM POWER for olesia/contest-graffiti-of-my-city-24-or-neozhidannaya-nakhodka