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last year0.027 STEEM POWER for oceanwhale/oceanwhale-bot-offers-100-daily-profit-for-delegators
last year0.032 STEEM POWER for oceanwhale/oceanwhale-offers-100-daily-profit-for-delegators
last year0.001 STEEM POWER for oceanwhale/hey
3 years ago0.123 STEEM POWER for droida/rue-des-fausses-braies-in-neuchatel
3 years ago0.249 STEEM POWER for drprtmpatel/scribble-art-16
3 years ago0.048 STEEM POWER for videoaddiction/mars-missions-stop
3 years ago0.341 STEEM POWER for drprtmpatel/scribble-15
3 years ago0.144 STEEM POWER for cryptocoinkb/24-hour-cryptocurrency-movers-and-shakers---08-26-2019
3 years ago0.086 STEEM POWER for cryptocoinkb/coins-with-growing-price-and-volume---08-26-2019
3 years ago0.067 STEEM POWER for videoaddiction/actifit-videoaddiction-20190825t204308834z