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3 days ago2.658 SBD and 6.683 STEEM POWER for nastyasam/music-for-steem-i-love-70s-my-cover-of-the-chain-by-fleetwood-mac
15 days ago0.028 SBD and 0.052 STEEM POWER for nastyasam/zombie-cranberries-cover-for-dance-and-music
19 days ago6.844 SBD and 12.516 STEEM POWER for nastyasam/twist-in-my-sobriety-cover-music-for-steem
last month1.307 SBD and 2.005 STEEM POWER for nastyasam/castle-in-the-snow-sing-and-play-week-139-my-entry
last month8.559 SBD and 10.401 STEEM POWER for nastyasam/cry-me-a-river-cover-by-nastyasam
last month0.057 SBD and 0.053 STEEM POWER for nastyasam/devil-eyes-cover-hippie-sabotage-by-nastyasam-for-dance-and-music
last month0.137 SBD and 0.118 STEEM POWER for nastyasam/music-for-steem-cover-no-diggity-dr-dre-by-nastyasam
2 months ago9.672 SBD and 10.718 STEEM POWER for nastyasam/blue-jeans-lana-del-rey-cover-by-nastyasam
2 months ago0.187 SBD and 0.216 STEEM POWER for nastyasam/music-for-steem-ain-t-no-sunshine-cover-by-nastyasam
2 months ago9.161 SBD and 10.688 STEEM POWER for nastyasam/love-me-tender-cover-by-nastyasam