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21 days ago4.169 SBD and 6.905 STEEM POWER for nas-gh/the-diary-game-25th-september-2021-i-visited-my-friend-to-introduce-steem-to-him
27 days ago0.036 SBD and 0.082 STEEM POWER for nas-gh/introducing-steemit-to-my-friends-to-join-24th-september-2021
last month2.502 SBD and 5.122 STEEM POWER for nas-gh/let-s-do-more-promo-to-help-create-steem-awareness
last month3.228 SBD and 5.128 STEEM POWER for nas-gh/the-diary-game-at-kejetia-market-buying-some-original-flaps
last month0.067 SBD and 0.108 STEEM POWER for nas-gh/the-diary-game-9th-september-2021-my-lamb-just-die
last month0.032 SBD and 0.054 STEEM POWER for nas-gh/the-diary-game-8th-september-2021-distributing-meat-to-our-neighbours