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last year0.281 SBD and 0.817 STEEM POWER for namwoli/the-dairy-game-my-friend-s-introduction
last year0.157 SBD and 0.548 STEEM POWER for namwoli/bfimq-contest-potrait-photography-and-art-week
last year0.158 SBD and 0.551 STEEM POWER for namwoli/k91ab-contest-my-black-and-white-photography
last year0.218 SBD and 0.583 STEEM POWER for namwoli/contest-graffiti-of-my-city-no-39
last year0.219 SBD and 0.588 STEEM POWER for namwoli/steem-women-club-my-town-10-pictures-or-or-womenz-favorite-places
last year0.032 SBD and 0.084 STEEM POWER for namwoli/r5n35l
last year0.199 SBD and 0.493 STEEM POWER for namwoli/repost-contest-graffiti-of-my-city-no-37
last year0.208 SBD and 0.524 STEEM POWER for namwoli/contest-my-bird-photography
last year0.208 SBD and 0.524 STEEM POWER for namwoli/5gpf2e-contest-or-or-potrait-photography
last year0.207 SBD and 0.545 STEEM POWER for namwoli/4wd1pj-the-dairy-game-how-i-spent-my-monday