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9 hours ago0.018 SBD, 0.093 STEEM and 0.163 STEEM POWER for mukka/steem-cameroon-contest-my-steemit-status-recorder-13-05-2022
15 hours ago0.463 SBD, 1.365 STEEM and 3.103 STEEM POWER for mukka/tech-diary-game-or-or-13-05-2022-or-or-my-daily-routine-using-technology
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6 days ago0.000 SBD, 0.065 STEEM and 0.066 STEEM POWER for mukka/steem-cameroon-contest-my-steemit-status-recorder-08-05-2022
last month1.268 SBD and 3.775 STEEM POWER for mukka/2efqxj-steem-cameroon-contest-my-steemit-status-recorder-06-04-2022
last month0.066 SBD and 0.200 STEEM POWER for mukka/steem-cameroon-contest-my-steemit-status-recorder-08-04-2022
last month1.102 SBD and 3.352 STEEM POWER for mukka/tech-diary-game-or-or-06-04-2022-or-or-10-payout-siz-official-or-or-by-mukka
last month0.063 SBD and 0.194 STEEM POWER for mukka/steem-cameroon-contest-my-steemit-status-recorder-06-04-2022