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last year0.041 SBD and 0.209 STEEM POWER for muhammadabi/sun-flowers-for-trigona
3 years ago0.057 SBD and 0.083 STEEM POWER for muhammadabi/my-papper-today-or-4-nov-2018
3 years ago0.350 SBD and 0.471 STEEM POWER for muhammadabi/kuliah-umum-or-robot-kabel-or-gen-4-0-or-cbe40f4312af5
3 years ago0.122 SBD and 0.167 STEEM POWER for muhammadabi/gambar-3d-or-pictoral-projection-ed01c964e9e4b
3 years ago0.692 SBD and 0.915 STEEM POWER for muhammadabi/atm-or-amati-tiru-dan-modifikasi-1d1b587678515
3 years ago0.086 SBD and 0.120 STEEM POWER for muhammadabi/berumah-tangga-itu-ibarat-ngopi-or-apa-benar
3 years ago0.156 SBD and 0.208 STEEM POWER for muhammadabi/antara-dosen-dan-sahabat-or-catatan-kuliah-umum-jtm-unimal-2018-60fc43813e1f4
3 years ago0.764 SBD and 1.010 STEEM POWER for muhammadabi/program-wirausaha-mahasiswa-or-pmw-or-unimal-2018-322639d1fe2aa
3 years ago0.294 SBD and 0.397 STEEM POWER for muhammadabi/semangat-gotong-royong-72f43ddd8c0cb
3 years ago0.000 SBD, 0.085 STEEM and 0.093 STEEM POWER for muhammadabi/animal-photography-or-belalang-70f40e66661aa